Coup in China & Flight Cancellations after rumors of XI Jinping’s House arrest along with Military march towards Beijing.

On social media, there is widespread speculation that Chinese President Xi Jinping may be under house arrest. Social media is rife with rumors that Xi Jinping has been ousted as leader of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and that the army is presently in charge of Beijing.

Several flights out of the Chinese capital have been cancelled, according to the website for Beijing Capital Airport, but many more are still planned or have already taken off. There have also been rumours that the battles were postponed because of a scheduled military drill.

The “coup” allegedly occurred when the Chinese premier Xi Jinping was in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, for the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Rumor has it that when Xi Jinping was in Samarkand, his opponents in the party persuaded the upper leadership of the party to remove Xi Jinping from his position as commander of the army.

A successor’s pictures have also surfaced. None of these updates, however, come from verified or reliable sources, and the majority of these accounts belong to anonymous persons.

Is China engaged in a power struggle?

If so, why would Xi Jinping visit and put himself to this risk three weeks prior to the CCP conference, which would have allowed him to run for a third term, on October 16, 2022? Unrest among the populace may have been sparked by the economic conditions in China, which were adversely affected by a drought and Covid, the installation of severe lockdowns, and the regular Covid testing.

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