Xi Jinping “coup”  Rumors vs Roger Garside Prediction

Since the last few days, there is widespread speculation that Chinese President Xi Jinping may be under house arrest. Social media is rife with rumors that Xi has been ousted as leader of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and that the army is presently in charge of Beijing.

Although it’s a rumor but Roger Garside, Former Diplomat, Development Banker, and Capital Market Development Advisor predicted of the same in the year 2021 May in his famous book “China Coup: The Great Leap To Freedom” 

According to Roger Garside, a Communist Party coup will soon force out China’s autocratic leader Xi Jinping. Garside’s latest book emphasises the dangers and expenses of political instability in China, while being extremely disputed.

Garside’s book says,  Since Mao Zedong, President Xi Jinping has been China’s most powerful leader. He is known as the “Chairman of everything” due to his absolute power in Chinese politics. He has also been referred to as China’s “President for life” as he achieved the repeal of presidential term restrictions.

Roger Garside predicts that President Xi Jinping will be removed from office by an internal Communist Party coup before the next National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), due in November 2022. As Garside reminds us, in January 1991, not a single expert was predicting that the Soviet Union was about to collapse nor the Communist Party of the Soviet Union might dissolve itself. But within ten months, both had happened.  

Roger Garside In a Interview  with DW News told China’s “totalitarian dictatorship” is “outwardly strong but inside weak,” and the US must exert pressure on the nation to support pro-democracy plotters inside the government.

He also told DW News that he thinks President Xi Jinping will face his greatest danger from “inside the top levels” of the Communist Party, “but with an external power acting as well.”  The author also said, “The US and its allies must adopt a more assertive stance towards China.”

He goes on saying “We cannot impose our political will on China. However, we must and may engineer occurrences. “So that we may assist those who seek to liberate China in doing so.”

Garside asserted that a coup might be carried out in the next 18 months or so by Chinese officials like Premier Li Keqiang, suggesting that liberalisation will be conducted from the top down.

So are things heading towards the same as rumors are indicating , time will tell the rest .

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